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3rd Generation Fence Company, installing all of St Johns County and Jacksonville.
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I was raised by a father who fought in WWII to protect our country, and bring my family a strong sense of pride and conviction.  My mother made sure we went to church every weekend and brought us a strong religious pride and convictions.  Bring the two together, you will see that in my blood and background, and you have a strong American that runs American Fence and Railing the same way our parents ran our family – The American Way!




Third generation of fence installers. I have been working in fence companies since I was 10. First my grandfather was boss, then my dad. I know fencing. Our business was primarily chain link fence installation. My first job was to carry a ratchet, and tighten all the nuts and bolts before we left the job site.

My father when he took over the company expanded into custom wood fencing. It was new to teh market.  Had to learn how to install it. Adn we did that for Sears and Roebuck, too.  Then vinyl came in my generation, and again, we were learning once again how to install it so that it stayed up in blizzards, snow storms, etc. The wood industry was huge, but you had to maintain the wood product after you purchased it to keep it looking nice. Visual problems.  Tatty, rotted, run down, wasn’t maintained by customers,  so then vinyl solved many of the maintenance issues, but it was more costly, but came with a lifetime guarantee on the product.

I started to create custom fences – few manufacturers, not high quality product and very expensive  –  so I made it myself, so that we had a high quality product at an affordable price.  This way I also had complete control of the customer service.  With a lifetime warranty of the product, then I can fix it right away, and keep the customer happy.

We relocated to Florida – have you ever lived in Chicago through the winter?  AS a fence company, outdoor construction, digging in frozen ground… it’s a hard way to live.  Winters have become harsher in the, the frost line has been dropping to lower depths, which then pops the post out of the ground and with a labor warranty, that puts us digging and repairing in unrealistic conditions.  We had an opportunity to move to Florida. We took it.

Meet The Team

Each member of the American Fence family has been hand-picked and trained in our Customer First philosophy.  Our customs and practices are the envy of the industry. We work hard at it and believe in constant improvement.

Steve Collins

Steve Collins


Elizabeth Bridgeton

Elizabeth Bridgeton

Commercial Director

George Johnson

George Johnson

Operations Director