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Railing Safety 101: Protecting Your Family and Guests

Not only does a well-constructed railing look good, but it can also keep people safe, particularly in places where people are standing, like decks, balconies, and more. For this reason, appropriate fencing and railing are essential for guaranteeing the safety of your family and visitors. This blog explores important factors to consider in making sure your railings are safe, allowing you and the ones you love to enjoy your outdoor area even more.

Rules and Regulations

Adherence to local rules and regulations guarantees that your railing is compliant. Among other important details, codes may stipulate load-bearing capacity, baluster spacing, and height limitations. For instance, straight railing installed on your property should be at least 36 inches high, according to the International Residential Code. When choosing a project that uses railings, it’s essential to ensure the team you’re working with understands these regulations. Our team at American Fence and Railing has more than 30 years of experience in the fencing and railing industry, making us a strong contender for your needs.

Materials Selection

Select railing materials that will enhance the beauty of your house while also offering endurance and durability. Wood, aluminum, and vinyl are examples of common materials we use when installing fences and railings. We can help you choose a material that best fits your environment, maintenance preferences, and budget, ensuring the outcome looks and functions as it should.

Robust Design

Proper construction of the railing ensures its effectiveness not just the day it is installed but after some time has passed as well. Additionally, railings need to be capable of withstanding a range of weather conditions. This can be accomplished using high-quality hardware and reinforced connections.

Appropriate Height and Distance

One important element in reducing unintentional falls is railing height. This goes back to the rules and regulations mentioned above. It’s crucial to ensure appropriate installation and measurements to keep children and pets safe, but also for the overall safety of everyone near the railing. Something else to consider is that the bottom rail of the railing can’t be more than two to four inches from the base of the deck. Again, our experienced team can assist you with all the details to ensure your railing is safe and ready to go.

Final Notes

It’s important to prioritize railing safety in your outdoor areas over beauty. With the right team by your side, you can create a welcoming space that keeps your family and guests safe. Contact us today to learn more.

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