Tips to Prepare for Your Fence Installation

If you’ve scheduled a fence installation, you’re likely excited to have the work done so you can enjoy the new structure and what it offers your property. Selecting the right fence installation company is an important step, but you also want to prepare so you can be sure the process goes smoothly.

While you’re waiting for the contractors to visit your home, there are several things you can do to prepare. Read more to find out a few tips that will help you.

Confirm the Property Line

For a fence that will act as a boundary for your yard, you need to identify the property line and then clearly mark it. This isn’t a time for guesswork. Reach out to the planning and zoning committee or look at public records to get the details. Some fence companies will do this for you, but check whether there is a fee for it.

Mark Important Locations

Whether the fence goes around the property, a garden, a pool, or a section of the yard, you need to know where water pipes and sewer lines are located. The last thing you want is for the installation team to hit them while digging fence holes. Talk to your utility providers to get reports or check if the fence installation company will handle this for you. It’s legally required, so don’t skip this step.

Clean Up a Bit

If you regularly maintain the yard, it’s likely in good shape. However, it’s still a good idea to clear up debris and random items in the yard before the contractors visit. Things like low-hanging branches, large rocks, weeds, and tree stumps should be removed. Consider any sharp grades or major slopes that might affect the materials used for your fence.

Let the Neighbors Know

Those who have neighbors that share a boundary should let them know about your plans and the type of fence you plan to have installed. Let them know the date of installation so they are prepared and can keep their children and pets inside while the team is working.

Work with American Fence and Railing Today

After your yard is prepared for the fence installation, all you need is a high-quality contractor to handle the rest of the job. American Fence and Railing is here to offer vinyl, aluminum, and wood fences for those in or near Jacksonville, FL. You can reach out to us to get a quotation or ask questions about your financing options.

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