Can I Have a Fence Built on a Slope?

It might seem that building a fence on sloped land would be a huge challenge. Lots of homeowners worry about the incline of their yard and where it will make installation more complicated or alter the aesthetic of the fence. However, with the right company and some guidance, experiencing a fence on a slope is completely possible and may even make your property look and function better than ever.

Options for Slope Fences

There are two typical options for fencing on a slope: stepped or raked fencing. Each has its place and is better for certain slopes than others. They also have unique visual presentations.

Stepped Fencing

For a steep slope, stepped fencing is recommended. Sections of the fence are installed at various heights to create a pattern that moves up or down a hill. The main issue is that it can lead to gaps under the hill on the downhill side. However, those can be hidden using landscaping like decorative rocks or shrubs. Stepped fencing has an impressive visual impact that many love.

Raked Fencing

If you have a small or moderate slope, raked fencing may be the better option. Fence rails are installed parallel to the earth while the pickets are vertical for a flowing and smooth appearance. This method lets the fence touch the contours of the land to minimize any gaps underneath. Raked fencing looks great but also eliminates areas pets could get through, which makes it practical for many homeowners.

Planning Steps for Sloped Yard Fences

Successfully installing a fence on a slope requires proper planning from surveying the land to hiring professionals. Surveying gives you measurements and insights about the land so you can move forward. After that, you’ll want to choose the right materials based on the features that matter most to you. From there, you can hire experts to handle the actual installation of your fence.

Enhance Your Landscape

A well-built fence on a hill can enhance the utility and beauty of any property. It offers security and privacy while becoming a focal point of your landscape design. With the right installation techniques and materials, a sloped yard doesn’t need to limit your fencing options. Instead, it can be an opportunity to highlight the uniqueness of your yard. Make sure you contact the professionals to get a fence for your sloped yard to create the aesthetic of your dreams.

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